bild i.55 dr+

The world of streaming. With the ultra-high-resolution 4K OLED display with a 55" screen diagonal for all VOD services. Native access through direct buttons on the remote control. The internal hard drive with 1 TB also offers hours of recording pleasure. 

Best sound with integrated Dolby Atmos
Netflix app integrated
Prime Video App integrated
HD+ App integrated
Zattoo App integrated
Apple TV+ integrated
Disney+ integrated

Excellent & Tested

Screen size (inch)

OLED panel

Screen resolution Ultra HD (4K) (in pixels)
3.840 x 2.160

High Dynamic Range
OPC (Optical Picture Control)
Dolby Vision
High Dynamic Range

Streaming services
Apple TV+
Amazon Prime Video
Disney +

DR+ storage capacity
1 TB

HDMI interfaces 2.1 (IN)

True to life. With Dolby Vision™.
Realistic picture quality of superlatives: Let yourself be carried away into infinite expanses that extend right up to the sofa thanks to high-contrast images and an impressive colour spectrum. With HLG, HDR10 and Dolby Vision™, the Loewe all-rounder ensures fascinatingly powerful moments.
Don’t miss a thing: integrated dr+ hard disk.
With the Loewe bild i, you can easily record your favourite programme thanks to the integrated 1-terabyte DR+ hard disk. This gives you flexibility and allows you to watch TV when it suits you. The programme can be interrupted and continued later with a time delay.
Extraordinary through excellent OLED colour reproduction
Thrillers, football highlights or nature documentaries with excellent detail, velvety smooth movements and brilliant colour fidelity from the first time you switch on: The 4K OLED display is optimised in every Loewe bild i so that everything appears absolutely authentic and realistic.
Always the best sound: flexible sound solutions.
In addition to the integrated "Loewe invisible sound" speakers, the smart TV all-rounder can be expanded with the Loewe klang bar i or the 5.1.2. Dolby Atmos Loewe klang bar5 mr, the Loewe klang sub5 subwoofer and the Loewe klang mr1 speakers to create the ultimate multichannel sound syste
Modern home cinema: stylish 360° design.
Sophisticated design statement that adds a modern aesthetic to any room: the Loewe bild i always offers a harmonious, flexible solution for every design preference. Whether free-standing in the room, on the wall or on a TV rack - all connections and cables are elegantly concealed.
Boundless entertainment: Loewe os7 smart TV platform.
Television, video-on-demand, media libraries, music, Internet, streaming: thanks to the Loewe os7 smart TV platform and the integrated app store, the Loewe bild i offers a limitless variety of entertainment and information that can be conveniently controlled by remote control or voice comm
Switch on and enjoy - Preset cinema mode.
Every Loewe bild i is manufactured on a high-tech production line in Kronach with great attention to detail and the utmost care. In OLED finetuning, all colours are calibrated with the highest precision - simply select the cinema mode and immediately enjoy the ultimate colour quality.
Best viewing experience with HD+
The integrated HD+ TV app offers the possibility to receive the private channels in HD and Ultra HD as well as to use additional features. Our TV supports HD+ reception without any additional hardware.

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