klang sub1

The Loewe klang sub1 is ready for immediate use with any Loewe television from the SL3 series upwards for the ultimate audio enjoyment thanks to its simple plug-and-play installation. Discover a 2.1 audio system with 160 watts of total music power, which provides full bass for a more dynamic sound. A unique feature is the latency-free Bluetooth connection, which can be used to pair the compact subwoofer with your TV.

Music power (W)

Max. Frequency (Hz)

Min. frequency (Hz)

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Amazon Music

Instant audio enjoyment. Simplest plug-and-play
Installing the Loewe klang sub1 couldn't be easier.Via plug-and-play and just one menu setting, the power subwoofer can be connected immediately to all Loewe televisions from the SL3 series onwards and third-party TVs with regulated TV output.
Wireless sound enjoyment with Latency-free Bluetooth pairing
Thanks to excellent German engineering and the latency-free Bluetooth connection, the Loewe klang sub1 couples wirelessly with the TV. It'sfree of any sound delay and without any annoying buzzing meaning you can enjoy a perfectly coordinated sound experience.
Dynamic and powerful. Upgrade to a 2.1 system
The klang sub1 simply brings more dynamics to the sound and upgrades the TV to a 2.1 sound system with full bass. Experience full, voluminous bass and expand your audio enjoyment.

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